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Commercial Projects

Food Processing Facility

Provided structural design services to optimize this food processing building built in 2011.  Using RAM Structural System software we reduced the building costs and expedited construction.  The design was done with Stevens Architects.

Automotive Dealership Expansion

This finite element model shows the space frame designed to provide the new entry structure to an automotive dealership undergoing expansion and renovation.  This project was done with WmVogan Architects.

PE&CS Projects

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Working as the senior structural engineer for this project, designed the steel framing for this 800,000 square foot two story mall.  The design included addressing the open, multi-level elliptical courts as well as managing the building deflections to properly frame the many glass walls and skylights.

Oyster Bay Mall

SEMCO Operations Building

As part of a design-build team this design was developed and helped keep the project on schedule and within budget.