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Example projects demonstrating our focus on client goals in the design of various types of facilities:


Approached by the general contractor, we evaluated using structural steel tubing in lieu of precast concrete for the structure of two minaret towers at the new Islamic Center of America, the largest Mosque in the country.  Delivery schedule and cost were the main items of concern to the client.  Deflection and masonry façade durability were a necessary concern in the design.  The towers were shop fabricated in two sections, each including the access ladders pre-installed.  They were then erected and braced at the roof level to the remainder of the structure. 

Design-build project with a local developer helped turn an abandoned section of riverfront into a luxury four-well boathouse.  The new building was able to build up from the existing pilings and anchor on the seawall.  A parking deck was designed and built atop a series of pipe pilings which had been driven into the hillside decades before.






                                         After —

Worked in a design/build capacity with the owner’s representative to develop the initial design, budget and layout of the project.  Designed the structure and supervised the steel fabrication and erection.  The focus was to build a two story community center of approximately 80,000sf along with a worship area having a clear span opening of 140’ by 160’, capable of supporting light and sound equipment.  There was also an administrative wing alongside the worship area.  This entire building was completed for under $6MM, a key factor for this congregation.


This building has become Landmark Academy in Kimball Township, MI.

Riverside Holdings Boathouse

Islamic Center of America

Hulett Farmers Market

Life of Faith Fellowship

Example Projects



Worked with a local architect to enhance the feasibility and reduce the cost of a small farmer’s market building while still retaining a unique style desired by the owner.





Two tiers of bowstring joists were supported by columns oriented in line with the radius lines of the curved trusses.

The building structure was designed with exterior, decorative girts, to improve interior cleaning for sanitation to meet USDA requirements.  Project architecture was provided by Stevens Architects.

Bosco’s Pizza

After erection, the towers were clad with pre-fabricated sheathing panels made to fit the uniform frame openings, then covered with masonry. 

Snug Theater

Collaborated with Infuz Architects to rehabilitate and re-purpose an historic storefront building into a community theater in Marine City, Michigan.

PE&CS provided structural design services when the Bosco’s Pizza facility expanded in 2010.

Community Foundation of St.Clair County Ferry Dock Renovation

The former railroad ferry dock along the St.Clair River was restored as part of the Riverwalk project.  The old structure was refurbished and made accessible to preserve the railroad heritage along the riverside.