Professional engineering & construction Services


Professional Engineering for Structural projects, Environmental projects and Construction Services to help assure each client a successful project.

Service List

Structural Design of new buildings and structures from conceptual plans through construction drawings.


Investigation and design of modifications to existing structures needed for upgraded layouts, equipment loads or revised utilization.


Project Development support from feasibility to final design.


Design of foundations and structures with a focus on managing vibration loads from equipment operation.


FEMA Floodplain support investigating flood insurance requirements and documenting results with FEMA through use of Elevation Certificates and  Letters of Map Amendment.


Expert witness testimony on environmental and structural issues.


Environmental site investigation, remediation design and hydrogeologic



Expert Witness testimony work on structural and environmental cases.

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Professional Engineering

Budget estimating and monitoring as well as schedule development for industrial and commercial projects.


Field Supervision of construction programs, including subcontractor management and coordination.


Project Oversight for owners and financial institutions.

Construction Services