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These industrial projects demonstrate our focus on client goals of schedule and economy as well as quality in the design of various types of facilities:


The local plant of a multi-national paper company had to add to an existing power plant in the middle of their facility.  To minimize the number of lifts over the operating power plant, it was decided to pre-assemble the structure and lift it in two pieces.  This would also reduce the assembly costs, as the structure could be erected at grade and then placed atop the existing building.

Worked in a design/build capacity with the owner’s representatives The Cummins Group and the entire project team including their architect, geotechnical and civil engineers and  mechanical engineers to design and build a 250,000SF manufacturing facility in Kansas City, MO on a fast-track basis.


This facility design was begun in April 2013 and equipment installation began in November 2013.  The building uses auger-cast piling for the foundation system, load-bearing tilt-up precast concrete walls and a structural steel frame roof.  Interior framing also features almost 20,000SF of concrete mezzanine supported by composite steel framing.  A 45Ton capacity overhead crane is also supported through 500 feet of processing area.  The building was modeled using Bentley’s RAM Structural System software.

Domtar Paper Deaerator Structure

Yanfeng USA Automotive Trim Systems

Industrial Projects



The thirty eight ton structure was lifted as a base floor set on top of columns erected from within the building, then the upper floor and roof as a single piece.  The assembly and erection took place within three days for the structure.

KV3 Facility for Rohm & Haas

Designed the process building structure to support the equipment loads and avoid vibration issues with the many high-powered rotating equipment  dynamic loads.  The building was also designed to be assembled in modules at grade to assure  no weather-related construction delays in a winter erection schedule.  The project was the subject of an article in Modern Steel Construction lauding the success of the erection scheme.  The vibration isolation was successful enough that hearing protection was not required in the building.

RAM structural model from the Southeast, with

the photograph below being taken from that

vantage point.

The RAM model above highlights the mezzanines and crane rails.


The photograph to the right shows the framing for the mezzanine over the office area.



The photo below includes the smaller mezzanines and the crane installed.

The expanse of the building is evident as soon as the structure was completed.



The building is prepared for occupancy, just  5 months after construction had begun.