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Educational Projects

Baker College

Provided structural design services to optimize the new educational building built in 2009.  Using RAM Structural System software we reduced the building costs and expedited construction.

Oakland International Academy


This model shows the multi-purpose wing of the new charter school  building designed with Stevens Architects.

PE&CS Projects

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Finding the most cost-effective structural solution is even more critical on educational facilities than on other projects.  Schools today are all on limited budgets, yet there can be no compromise on providing a safe, durable building for students anywhere!  Using RAM software, multiple framing  systems and configurations were evaluated prior to choosing the final design, assuring the client that their building has the right design.

Charter High School/Middle School Building

This rendering shows a new Charter High School/Middle School being built in Detroit.  The design was done as a collaboration with Stevens Architects. The Construction Association of Michigan also has chosen this as one of the projects of the year in 2012.